Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Product Description

This Weber charcoal go-anywhere grill is solidly engineered with no nuts or bolts. The pivoting legs lock lid in place for carrying and it stows away nicely in a tight space. Grill features a porcelain-enamel bowl and lid, and 160-sq.-ft. total cooking space. Porcelain enamel, steel and nylon. Made in USA. 14-1/4Hx12-1/4Wx21L".Weber's Go-Anywhere charcoal grill makes a great companion for camping and tailgate parties. This compact unit has a surprisingly generous grilling area--large enough to fit four medium steaks. You can lock the lid into place with the pivoting legs and carry this lightweight grill around in one hand. Built-in lid hangers allow you to rest the lid on the side of the grill to create an effective barrier against the wind. The triple-nickel-coated steel grate is easy to clean, and the porcelain-enameled steel lid and cooking box are built to last. [Learn more]

Product Features

  • The Weber Gas Go-Anywhere charcoal grill makes a great companion for camping and tailgate parties
  • The porcelain enameled coating prevents rust and fading
  • Pivoting legs lock the lid in place for add safety
  • This grill offers 160-square-inches of cooking surface on the triple nickel-plated cooking grate
  • Packs away nicely in a tight space

10 comments so far

  • B. Goldbeck "Travelholic" (Mongolia), 2002-02-01:
    My first "Go-Anywhere Weber Grill," purchased in 1984, sold me on design and efficiency. After cooking my dinner, I'd shut the side and top air vents thus suffocating the fire. I found I could get two, three, and sometimes four meals from a single load of charcoal (depending on cooking times). And, on picnics, the fire would be out and the grill "touchable" after about 15 minutes. The grill is large enough to handle most meals for say 6 to 8 persons and even small (4-6 lb) chickens, but if you're cooking turkey, this isn't the grill for you. I'm now on my second "G-A" grill, as the first bounced around the world with me in Korea, Yemen, China, and the U.S. until the movers crushed it in 1993. Ended up contacting Weber directly when I couldn't find a replacement locally, and number 2 is in good shape after 8 years of rigorous use.
  • Dallas A. Babineaux "DallasAB" (Mackinaw, IL USA), 2001-06-06:
    Hi there, I've just recently purchased this grill and have used it 2 times already. I can honestly say that this grill has exceeded my expectations! It is well built, and folds up very compactly for storage. It (like all Weber products) cooks very evenly, and refuses to flare up. The air dampers are easy to operate, and the porcelin coating will ensure many years of use. You will also be suprised at how much food you can cook on it. (I have 5 kids, and the grill is still hot when we've eaten our full) We enjoy it, and I'm sure you will too!
  • M. Kanai, 2007-05-09:
    This is a well-designed small scale charcoal grill. I generally use it when I only want to cook for one or two people or when portability matters. I've had my Go-Anywhere charcoal grill for about three years, and it has held up extremely well. The durable exterior coating is very resistent to the elements (and it's small enough that you could easily let it cool down and chuck it into a closet if you want to keep it indoors). The only thing that has really shown any significant wear is the grill grate, but these are easily replacable (and, in the long run, all grates give out eventually). The grill has four air vents (two top mounted exhaust vents, and two vents mounted along the bottom sides). Opening all four vents allows enough oxygen flow for medium temperature cooking. Closing all four vents will suffocate a fire pretty quickly. Cooking with the lid off and the bottom vents open will net you a hot fire that will be great for searing. Additionally, the lid can be "rockered" back onto the body of the grill. This means that you don't have to look around for someplace to put a potentially very hot piece of metal *and* you can use it as a windshield if you want. If you like charcoal cooking and you either want a small grill or you need a portable grill, I would highly recommend this product.
  • ---- N. Miller "Be Honest" (Vermont, United States), 2005-06-29:
    My grate just died after about 10 years of heavy use. Rather then buy a replacement grate, I wasn't thinking and just purchased a whole new portable grill. The next day I purchased a replacement grate online from the weber folks and that transaction was very smooth as has always been the case with Amazon. So now I have two functioning portable grills. It seems to me that the food sits closer to the charcoal on this then it does full sized grills, so heat has never been an issue with mine, although the charcoal may loose it's heat a little faster as you can't really make a pile of charcoal or stack the brickets very much. I actually think it is easier to burn things on this grill then others, and learning how to use the vents to control heat is something you will need to do. Honestly though, this is the only grill I have any real experience with and I love the portability and often wrap it in a trash bag and take it to state parks for 'eating out'. My only complaint is they have changed the handles to plastic on the new models which now require mits to handle during the process. The old model had wood handles and I never needed a mit to take the cover off and check my food.
  • T. ONeil (N. Attleboro, MA USA), 2004-07-13:
    First of all, despite some comments here that would lead you to believe otherwise, this is NOT a gas grill. The dead giveaway is the word "charcoal" in the product title.Even though this is designed to be a travel grill (with folding legs that secure the cover in place), I use it as my primary grill. I like to grill at all times of the year so I leave it on the patio all year round and sometimes have to dig through a snowdrift to find it. I'm surprised it hasn't rusted out yet since it has been sitting outside for more than five years. The wood parts are weathered, but still no sign of metal corrosion. When this one eventually goes I'll probably get small round Weber since I really don't need the travel feature.

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